Erin Tack Shipley is an astrologer, tarot reader and creative healer helping clients self-reflect while softening the process of being alive. Akin to sailors in ancient times, she looks to the stars and planets as guides. Together with her clients, she explores internal and external patterns, examining experiences as opportunities for deep soul growth. Always with the collective horoscope in mind, Erin weaves her tools with visual landscapes to offer weekly tarotscopes and astrology forecasts designed help anyone who is searching find support. Click here to schedule a healing session.


tack 1 |tak|
1 a long stitch used to fasten fabrics together temporarily, prior to permanent sewing.
2 a method of dealing with a situation or problem; a course of action or policy
3 Sailing an act of changing course by turning a vessel's head into and through the wind, so as to bring the wind on the opposite side.
4 my inherited maternal surname


Creative Healing +
Personal Development

Erin's background in the arts reinforces the sensual experience of every healing service. She creates intuitive altars tailored personally to each reading offered from spaces around the world. Find out more.

Astrology, tarot + moon manifesto sessions

The tools I use function like languages that map out meaning found within your experiences. I study their patterns, expression and usage so I can act as your translator and put magic into simple, accessible terms. find out more.

Corporate Inquiries

Professional development becomes a challenge for employers when individuals don't have the support they need. I come to offices armed with healing tools that encourage personal growth, refresh company culture and raise products to a new level. Find out more.


i want healing to be accessible and, like the wise women before me, to function in a community that affirms the worth of every human being. This means engaging unconditional ideas about value. whenever possible, I offer my services in exchange for other talents. find out more.